Game Plan Champion

Post 3: “You Cant Do it All”

I have heard countless times- “you can’t do it all”. To an extent, I agree with this assertion. If you are trying to undertake (too) many different roles, you will undoubtedly stretch yourself too thin and find yourself unable to excel in any of those roles. However, although I concede that “you cant do it ALL”, I still believe that you can do (a whole heck of) A LOT.

I have been extremely fortunate to be surrounded by people who have multiple roles in their life, and who are extremely successful in each role.  For example, my teammate, Diana Weiker, is a full time nurse, a mother of two, and a national team wrestler. She just won a bronze medal at the world championships, and in doing so, has shattered expectations and traditional ideas of what it looks like to be a high performance athlete (or mother for that matter). Many people feel as though they have to be singularly focused to be successful. Some athletes think that sport has to be their only priority, all consuming, and the most importance part of their life in order to be world class. I do not believe this is true. For some athletes, success may require such a one-dimensional focus, but for others, they will be able to have multiple priorities and multiple roles, and be able to be successful in each.  Every athlete is different.

For me, academics and athletics compliment each other. One challenges me physically and one challenges me mentally. I crave improving as a wrester, and I also crave gaining knowledge as a student.  I have very good time management skills and am very organized, which has been essential to my successes.  Additionally, a major part of me being able to be successful in these two roles has been my ability to be mindful and focused. In wrestling practice and in my training, I am focused on only improving as an athlete and wrestler. When I am in class or doing my homework, I am fully present and focused on learning and the tasks at hand. Compartmentalizing these two worlds has allowed me to excel and succeed in both worlds.

I truly believe that having both school and wrestling has helped me to be successful in both worlds. They each provide escapes from each other, when necessary, and provide a balance to each another.

Don't think that you have to be singularly focused in any part of your life to be successful. Remember, although you can’t have it all, you can have (a whole heck of) A LOT.